The "Coq vert" project: contribution to a bio-based economy in Wallonia

"Coq vert" is an initiative that was launched in 2013 by a public-private partnership between the GreenWin cluster, the AWEX-Foreign investment and ValBiom, in partnership with Essenscia-Wallonie. Through this project, the partners plan to make a significant contribution to the development of a strong, competitive bio-based economy in Wallonia by encouraging new projects that are vital to the growth of the biosourced chemistry industry, and plant chemistry in particular. The "Coq vert" initiative is aimed at recycling biomass materials from non-food resources (by-products, residual products, waste etc.) and puts second-generation bio-refineries right at the heart of the long-term development of these sectors in Wallonia. Opportunities with the potential to lead to research and innovation projects as well as investment or even training projects are assessed. A medium-term strategy is also under development to encourage the growth of bio-refineries in Wallonia.

Initial observations

  1. the bio-based economy needs to be an integral part of Wallonia's industrial policy;
  2. Wallonia has significant non-food biomass resources;
  3. Wallonia has considerable, internationally renowned scientific expertise in the fields of agriculture, silviculture, chemistry (including green chemistry) and materials, so it covers the whole value chain for recycling biomass "material";
  4. several Walloon companies are already actively involved in this field;
  5. there is potential for launching collaborative, innovative and ambitious research projects to support a bio-based economy thanks to Marshall Plan 2.Green ;
  6. a "green" race is beeing held in all the neighbouring regions: Flanders, the Netherlands and France have adopted a robust, centralised strategy to support a bio-based economy.