The project's main objective

To contribute to the establishment of a competitive bio-based economy in Wallonia by putting together a concerted strategy.

The specific objectives of the project
  • To identify priority projects: R&D, training or platform
  • To take stock of Wallonia's strengths in this area
  • To encourage investment and attract foreign investment
As biorefining is at the heart of a bio-based economy, the "Coq Vert" project is designed to prioritise the development of second-generation biorefineries
  • either further down the line, in an integrated way with existing industrial activities
  • or taking a centralised approach with the development of a new industrial platform
The first steps in 2013
  • Phase 1: gathering available data to put together the first draft of a business plan (materials tonnage, industries etc.)
  • Phase 2: consultation of the stakeholders who are members of GreenWin and ValBiom
  • Phase 3: extending the consultation process and organising conferences